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ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. is an open platform for exploring “art related to life” through short-term and spontaneous activities in our storefront space at 6020 Wilshire Boulevard across from LACMA. The space functions as a conference room, program venue, and alternative space and is a collaborative effort between FYA and artists, writers, curators, collectives, publishers, and organizations in which to explore and encourage encounters with art in L.A. Click here for project archive.

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Plan ForYourArt Today, April 12: Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

USC (Downtown) 10am-6pm

America’s largest book festival features live bands, poetry readings, chef demos, cultural entertainment and artists creating their work on-site, as well as appearances and readings by hundreds of authors. The free event, which offers exhibitors the opportunity to sell, sample, and display books and related products, also includes a photography exhibit, film screenings followed by Q&A’s and discussion panels. Continues on Sunday, April 13th from 10am-5pm. Read an L.A. Magazine preview of the event here.

The Social Self: Selfies, Self-documentation, and Self-Portraiture

LACMA (Miracle Mile) 1pm

This half-day symposium explores the history of self-portraiture alongside new technologies, social media, and contemporary art. In the first session, scholars and technologists discuss visual and written presentations of the self with a focus on online documentation and social media. The second session offers three back-to-back conversations, in which artists including Amanda Ross-Ho engage with a scholar or cultural critic to discuss self-portraiture in the context of contemporary art and culture. The event closes with a screening of the film I Am Comic. The Audrey and Sydney Irmas Collection, which features numerous works of self-portraiture, provides the foundation for the event. Read an NPR piece on “selfie” being selected as Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year here.

Eleanor Antin: Passengers

Diane Rosenstein Fine Art (Hollywood) 6-8pm

Opening reception for a solo exhibition of drawings, photographs, and découpages by Conceptual art pioneer Eleanor Antin. Passengers is an installation that reflects recurring motifs and existential themes running through Antin’s historical narratives. This show includes a variety of rarely seen works. The accompanying catalogue includes an essay by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. Read an Art21 interview with Antin here. On view through through May 31, 2014.

Elliott Hundley

Regen Projects (Hollywood) 6-8pm

Opening reception for an exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Hundley. The show, the artist’s third solo presentation at the gallery, includes paintings and bronze sculptures. The exhibition also features a series of billboard-sized collages in which characters are “depicted amidst fragmented landscapes of strokes of color and flashes of neon.” Watch a video with Hundley here. On view through May 17, 2014.

PLAN ForYourArt Today, April 11th


Venice and Marina Del Rey Opening and Events

Today on the Westside, the Marina del Rey Garden Center hosts Guidance in Acoustical Gardening by Sound Artist Chris Kallmyer at 5pm. Venice’s Marine Projects presents a performance by Alison O’Daniel at 7:30pm.


Meredith Monk with Katie Geissinger

LACMA (Miracle Mile) 7:30pm

In conjunction with the current exhibition Helen Pashgian: Light Invisible, LACMA presents a concert by Meredith Monk, Musical America’s 2012 Composer of the Year. Monk is joined by vocalist Katie Geissinger in a program that covers more than forty years of music from Monk’s career. This event is presented as part of Art & Music, first-place winner of the ASCAP and Chamber Music America Award for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music. See the full schedule of upcoming concerts here. Tickets for this performance are $25 and available online.

#PictureThis 2: Joel Kyack and Yutaka Sone

Yutaka Sone, whose collaboration with Benjamin Weissman is currently on view at SMMoA, answers questions by LA-based artist Joel Kyack.  

In 2011, ForYourArt celebrated the release of Hans Ulrich-Obrist and Hans Peter Feldmann: Interview. This month, we are excited to launch an online interview series inspired by the book, in which they play with the interview format and Feldmann responds to Obrists’ questions with images. ForYourArt will invite an artist to pose five questions to a different artist each week over the month. Please reblog with your own answers  with the tag #PictureThis.

1. You’re commissioned to write a Broadway musical about your work. What would it sound like?


Sone: Sounds great. I will use white white huge huge backdrop, and as the story going on, which is about the story of two skier and painter by the way, numerous spur will be drawn on this white backdrop.

2. You are flying three people over the Alps in a very small plane – a curator, a collector, and a critic. You are running out of fuel and have to make a tough decision on how to lighten your load… Who do you throw to the mountains first?


 Sone: Anybody who is a  skier fast. Even though it is summer Alps, yes, a skier fast, because they know mountain definitely.

3. Your art is a business and you need a corporate logo.


SoneI love corporate logo. If I need to create corporate logo for MY ART INC., I am going to try something comparable to Hello Kitty.

4. What do you feel in destroying something that provides you comfort?


Sone: Unfortunately, it often happens on me, or maybe on everybody. I mean, I often become want to destroy something that provide you comfort.

It is natural thing, because, for me,  these two behavior is double side of a same coin. So, it makes me feel I am doing a natural thing like cat playing with birds and kill them.

5. This will be the last image you ever show anyone:


Sone: Anything that I am working on at time.

list of works:

1.Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman, Untitled, 2007–2009, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 inches, Courtesy of the Artists

2. Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman, Air, 2007–2009, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 inches, Courtesy of the Artists

3. Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman, Cat Chairlift, 2007–2009, Acrylic on canvas board, 18 x 24 inches, Courtesy of the Artists

4. Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman, Untitled, 2013, Acrylic on canvas and wood assemblage, 85 x 137 inches, Courtesy of the Artists

5. Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman, Hole in the Wall, 2007–2009, Acrylic on canvas, 71 x 100 inches, Courtesy of the Artists

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